The new standard for high-precision laser welding:
ASKIAS S1, the laser welding machine

Outstanding features:

CNC systems from ASKIAS are the ideal solution for the highest demands on laser welding technology. Decades of experience and our uncompromising passion for optimum, reproducible quality have also guided us in the development of our new laser processing machine ASKIAS S1.

Advantages of our laser welding system at a glance

  • Up to 5 CNC controlled axes
  • High-precision welding of tool and stainless steels, aluminium, copper, nitinol and mixed joints
  • Simple changeover from micro to macro machining due to modular design – from the smallest precision and molded parts up to components weighing several tons
  • Effortless teaching of circles, curves, splines in three-dimensional space and equidistantly offset paths
  • In addition to the semi-automated control, manual operation for fast and efficient processing of unique specimens and small series is also possible
  • Highest professional competence also in consulting, training and service

Always the first choice for laser processing

Outstanding reliability due to the use of selected premium components, the modular structure and its wide range of applications for manual and semi-automated joining, repair welding and cladding make the ASKIAS S1 the first choice for laser processing in a wide range of industries.

  • Precision engineering, electrical engineering and precision mechanics
  • Medical and dental technology
  • Plant engineering for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratory analytics
  • Aerospace
  • Instrument manufacturing
  • ACDIS S1

    Up to 5 CNC-controlled axes

    ASKIAS S1 Laser Schweißmaschine
  • 4th axis

    Swivelling rotary table

    4 Achse der ASKIAS S1 Laser Schweiß Maschine
  • Phos-Ball

    Swivel magnet

    PHOS-Ball der ASKIAS S1 Laser Schweiß Maschine
  • Binocular

    180° swivel range

    Binokular der ASKIAS S1 Laser Schweiß Maschine

Teaching instead of programming

With the ASKIAS S1 laser processing unit’s comfortable teach-in function, you can effortlessly generate circles, arcs, lines or complex contours as a spline in three-dimensional space. Even staggered swaths with an adjustable track distance can be generated from the taught contour.

ASKIAS S1 – when precision counts

Laser welding, laser brazing, laser hardening – the ACDIS 400 S1 fulfils highest accuracy requirements in all application areas. From micro to macro, from the processing of fine capillary tubes, for example for medical engineering, to the machining of large-sized components such as aluminium die-casting tools.

Flexible and user-friendly

The user-friendly CNC look-ahead control, adjustable controls and comfortable joystick controller, as well as the optional hand wheel, allow for ergonomic as well as time-economical work. The 180 ° swivelling binocular enables trouble-free welding even on vertical contours. The ASKIAS magnetic clamping system and the swivel rotary tables ensure maximum flexibility in workpiece machining.

Superior laser technology

The ASKIAS S1 laser processing unit is equipped with the latest fibre laser. This can be operated in pulsed as well as continuous wave or modulated mode. The application area, compared to the conventional lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers, is significantly expanded. The extremely good beam quality and high efficiency make this laser an indispensable tool.

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Details of the ASKIAS S1 laser welding machine