ASKIAS Adaption

The stationary for highest precision

The ASKIAS Adaption convinces:

  • Up to 5 CNC-controlled axes and up to 7 manual axes
  • High precision welding of tools, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nitinol and alloys.
  • Easy transition from micro to macro processing due to modular construction - ranging from the smallest precision components to modules weighing over tons.
  • Easy teach-in methods for circles, curves, splines in three-dimensional structures and equidistantly shifted trajectories.
  • Manual operations in addition to partially automated controls enable efficiently processed unique productions and small-scale manufacturing.
  • Personal contacts and the highest level of expertise.

  • Adaption 4

    The ASKIAS Adaption laser processing machines are equipped with the latest fiber laser technology. Due to the extremely good beam quality and the high efficiency, these lasers become an indispensable tool.
  • Adaption 3

    From micro to macro - the ASKIAS Adaption can be used flexibly. The 180 ° swiveling binocular ensures problem-free welding even on vertical contours. The Adaption is made for a maximum of accuracy and reliability.
  • Adaption 2

    The user-friendly CNC look-ahead control, adjustable controls and comfortable joystick control or optional handwheel enable ergonomic and time-economical work.
  • Adaption 1

    Laser welding, laser soldering, laser hardening - the ASKIAS Adaption fulfills the highest accuracy requirements in all areas of application. Thanks to its excellent reliability and modular design, the Adaption is the first choice for laser processing.

ASKIAS Adaption laser welding machine - details.

Rotary tables for excellent laser processing
Additional equipment such as the compact rotary table, the extension and the completely integrated CNC-controlled swivelling rotary table adjust the laser welding system to your needs.

Magnetic clamping systems for flexible positioning during laser processing
The innovative magnetic clamping system Phos-Ball and the fitting magnetic clamping chucks complete your laser machine and enable the perfect placement of your workpiece.

Ergonomic stacking arms - precise laser welding without experiencing discomfort
More flexibility, higher precision, ideal ergonomics, versatile use: The ASKIAS Adaption continuously adjustable stacking arm enables more precise and more sophisticated laser welding. The operator will not experience discomfort. Our thought-out ergonomic design may help prevent neck and back pains.

Swivelling binoculars - excellent ergonomics, highest precision
The high quality, 12,5x magnifying binoculars can be rotated 180 degrees and the interpupillary distance can be individually adjusted from 46mm-82mm. This allows for a comfortable mode of operation and perfect precision, even when welding vertical contoures.


Cold light LEDs - Colour fidelity and durability
The sharply contoured cold light LEDs ensure an ideal illumination and colour fidelity at the processing location. Seeing as the ASKIAS Adaption cold light LEDs are very durable, they are both efficient and low-maintenance.

Technical data/specifications ASKIAS Adaption CNC-controlled X-/Y-/Z-axis Traverse [mm] 400 (optional Extension)
Processing head Skewing angle around the X-axis [°] – 45 / + 135
Manual Y-axis Skewing angle around the Y-axis [°] – 16 / + 16
Traverse [mm] 740
Manual Z-axis Skewing angle around the Z-axis [°] – 90 / + 90
Traverse [mm] 330
Machine bench Skewing angle around the Z-axis [°] – 90 / + 90
Electric skewing angle around the Z-axis [mm] 600
Machine weight
(varies depending on equipment)
Mass [kg] ≤ 1200
Laser Type Special features Mean power Pulse peak performance Pulse Energy
pulsed fibre laser (diodes) Up to 50 ms pulse length, CW and CW modulated 150 - 600 W 1.5 - 6 kW 15 - 60 J
pulsed Nd: YAG-laser (flash lamp) Up to 200 ms pulse length
FDA approved
220 - 400 W 7 - 16 kW 110 J


In laser welding, one thing counts: The result.

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