We do not simply build machines. We build your machine.

ASKIAS laser systems - The new standard for high precision laser technology.

Our machines meet all requirements for precision in the fields of laser welding, laser soldering, laser hardening, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser perforation. Ranging from micro to macro, from finest capillary tubes as used in medical engineering to large dimensionional components e.g. aluminium die-casting molds.
CNC-systems made by ASKIAS are the perfect solution for the biggest challenges in laser processing. Decades of experience alongside our passion for excellent and consistent quality have also played a vital role in developing our laser processing machines.
ASKIAS – Your partner in state-of-the-art laser technology

Not only do we want to build your machinery, we want to be your partner in innovation.

We are engineers with all our hearts. We build machinery. And we prefer building machines that we like and use ourselves. This is why our partner companies, the ASKEA group, exclusively use laser welding systems made by ASKIAS. Due to our partners using our laser systems on a daily basis we can ensure high quality, extensively user-friendly operating methods and the finest welding results. Our five CNC-controlled axes, which enable precise processing of almost any component and material, are a key factor towards the extraordinary flexibility of our Systems. Your customers can completely rely on our excellent Welding results, owing to the fact that we use high Quality components. And you Profit off over 20 years of experience as well as off professional Expertise – ranging from consultation to service.

Teach-in rather than programming

Simply and quickly draw circles, arcs, lines or even complex, three dimensional contoures. Our machines possess user friendly teach-in-functions.

User friendly and flexible

User friendly means two things for us: On the one hand our machines are versatile and easy to handle, on the other hand there is no need for pretraining or additional knowledge in order to operate the machines. Useful and intuitive.

Groundbreaking technology

Our fibre lasers for instance are up to ten times as efficient as the average Nd: YAG-laser. It is energy efficient and therefore easy on your wallet and the environment.

Erik Hansen, Manager

Nils Wiedmann, Manager

You have questions? We have the solutions.

Customers rely on us.

Their trust in us is a direct result of the successful delivery of machines worldwide. It is of paramount importance to us to be more than our clients provider of machinery, we want to stay by your side as partners in consultational matters as well as providing you with spare parts. We have established a globalised and extensive customer service and base.

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